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Automata Based Interfaces for Dynamic Resource Scheduling in Control Systems


The proposed project addresses the emerging need for efficient resource utilization in embedded control software. The main objective is to combine control theory and scheduling theory in such a way as to remove the need for strict requirements on hard deadlines for control software components without compromising the ability to use them in safety-critical applications. To this end, I will conduct research on interfaces for components of software control systems that allow integration of dynamic scheduling mechanisms in safety-critical systems by providing formal performance and stability guarantees. The main benefit that we can expect from dynamic scheduling mechanisms is that resource utilization can be made more efficient by allowing adjustments to resource allocation in response to time varying needs.
Specifically, I will study the possibility of using automata-based dynamic schedules that, I will show, give a good balance between expressivity and analyzability, thereby allowing better interface between scheduling and control. The specific research objectives are: 1) Expansion of the scope of automata-based interfaces; 2) Proposal of practical mechanisms for dynamic resource allocation in control systems; 3) Development of experimental tools for demonstrating the advantages of the new approach; 4) Contribution to formal methods and hybrid system theories.

In summary, because complete co-design of control and scheduling may become prohibitively complex for most systems, I propose to develop engineering methodologies that will take into account the interaction of scheduling and control without breaking the separation of concerns between control and software engineers.

Innovations and progress beyond the state the art include: 1) new links between formal languages and hybrid systems theories, 2) mathematical tools for analysis of switched and hybrid systems, 3) new methodologies for the design of efficient and reliable embedded control systems.

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