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"Design, analysis and applications of novel information processing paradigms for multimedia transmission in next generation wireless networks"


"Communicating multimedia content such as high-quality images, audio or video streams became a part of everyday life both for the purpose of business and entertainment. As user mobility and need for multimedia content available anytime and anywhere increases, multimedia applications such as video streaming, mobile TV, video-conferencing, multimedia peer-to-peer networking, social networking with multimedia content, interactive gaming, etc., are becoming a major bandwidth consumer on small, handheld, mobile devices and are indicated in many recent studies as a major driving factor for the next generation mobile broadband technologies. This is evident both in the user equipment such as smart phones, portable digital assistants and tablets, for which the screen size and resolution is ever-increasing and constrained only with the comfort of the device usage, as well as in the development of the fourth generation high-speed wireless data interfaces such as Mobile WiMax (IEEE 802.16e-2009) and 3GPP LTE-Advanced that aim to provide sufficient data rates for comfortable high-quality mobile multimedia services. Recently introduced groundbreaking information-processing paradigm called network coding opens a novel set of possibilities for improvements of network performance in terms of throughput, reliability and delay. However, even though it usually provides more bandwidth, a number of problems arise in successful integration of network coding principles into multimedia communications in current wireless communication systems. This proposal aims to address the problem of design of efficient network coding schemes for scalable multimedia delivery in wireless networks. The goal of this project is to provide both rigorous theoretical and realistic system-level investigation of network coded scalable multimedia transmission in emerging wireless broadband systems."

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