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A survey of the European cardiovascular research landscape and recommendations for future research strategy


CARDIOSCAPE will aim to outline the current CVD research and innovation landscape across Europe towards establishing the extent of duplication across national research programmes and the existence of gaps that reduce opportunities for innovation.

It will build on and develop an existing comprehensive partner network, seeking to include actors covering the full innovation cycle, to help identify the most important research needs and approaches that will support more efficient valorisation of project results and better foster the transmission of new scientific findings into clinical practice.

Project objectives include:

• Survey research activities and funding for CV research, both public and private, at national and European level
• Create CV research and funding database based on the survey results.
• Summarise existing research and funding landscape for current state-of-the-art CV research
• Assess and identify gaps, strengths and weaknesses and opportunities in European CV research by expert analysis
• Develop and draft a final report to outline proposed recommendations and strategy for CV research in Europe. This report could serve as the basis for later post project development of more detailed research roadmaps, supporting the EC drive towards the Horizon 2020 CSF.
• Disseminate effectively to the CV research community, the various stakeholders and the wider public the project results, relating to both the existing mapped research and funding landscape and the future recommendations for a more effective coordinated research approach.

The development of recommendations for final report will be contingent on a wide ranging consultation not just within ESC but also externally, including actors and stakeholders from the pharmaceutical and medical device industries, SMEs, universities and medical research organisations, policy makers and hospitals and care organisations.

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