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Odour MoNitoring and Information System based on CItizEN and Technology Innovative Sensors


"Odours from industry or livestock breeding are a great deal of annoyance for neighbours in rural and urban locations. The level of annoyance depends in a complex way on the release and strength of odour emissions, their dispersion under ambient atmospheric conditions and finally on the exposure and perception of citizens. OMNISCIENTIS brings together state of the art technologies and open communication capabilities in order to mitigate odour annoyance. The project enables a feedback of citizens, enhance knowledge on odour measurement and management, aims to support harmonization of legislations at EU level and provide savings to industrials. The core is an information system allowing inhabitants to act as human sensors with sociological behaviour; indicating odour perception, discomfort and nuisance. It provides a dedicated tool to consider odour acceptability, based on a community-based opinion. Due to the subjective nature of odour perception odour monitoring and fast modelling is used to assist and adjust the information given by citizens via smartphones and measurements. Innovative in-situ sensors are improved to monitor ambient odour exposures. A specific odour dispersion model system is developed to obtain interrelated spatial odour exposure levels. The fast and innovative model system is used to evaluate measures acting on the time of release, acting on the way of release. OMNISCIENTIS is applied in several case studies in Belgium, France and/or Austria. The case studies are part of Living Lab from the beginning of the project. This approach ensures involvement of stakeholders and particularly citizens in the decision process and supports dissemination actions. The results are conveyed to relevant stakeholders and published. The dissemination strategy comprise scientific workshops and conferences, written reports and publications, internet presentations, media mailing lists and press briefings, and presentations for the public."

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