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Microwave, Ultrasonic and Plasma assisted Syntheses


The proposed project, MAPSYN, aims to bring selected innovative energy efficient chemical reaction processes, assisted with novel microwave, ultrasonic and plasma systems, up to the manufacturing scale. A pragmatic approach of using these selected alternative energy sources for end user selected reactions, will be individually studied for both microreactor and flow reactor systems (i.e. continuous not batch processes), to address specific business drivers such as energy reduction or increased production. The cost and energy of production needs to be kept as lean as possible with quality, reproducibility and sustainability being at the centre of the novel MAPSYN process concepts. Fine and commodity chemical syntheses for the chemical industry can be energy, time and design skill intensive and may produce lower reaction yields than desired. These valuable chemicals are vital to the consumer as they are used by the personal care, pharmaceutical, household and agricultural industries. End user selected reactions include selective hydrogenations and nitrogen fixation reactions.

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Capenhurst technology park
CH1 6EH Chester
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North West (England) Cheshire Cheshire West and Chester
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