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Europe - China Cooperation in Green Electronics Production Research

Final Report Summary - EC-GEPRO (Europe - China Cooperation in Green Electronics Production Research)

The overall objective of EC-GEPRO was to support the transition towards sustainable production and consumption in the electronics sector, through increasing knowledge and awareness. This was to be facilitated through increased international collaboration in the development of eco-efficient and sustainable products within the electronics sector, under the heading Green electronics. Increasing the links between European researchers and Chinese scientists will contribute specifically to increased transition in this direction.

The EC-GEPRO project involved Chinese and European partners. A central objective was to increase the contact and interaction between academic and industrial researchers in Europe and China within the field of green electronics production research. EC-GEPRO aimed at stimulating a high-level debate and cooperation on the development and promotion of green electronic products and production processes. Included in the project was the establishment of a dedicated Centre of Excellence in China (the SMIT Center, Shanghai), the formation of research teams, the establishment of an exchange programme for researchers and students, and the organisation of several events.

Four major events have been organised in connection to the EC-GEPRO project: the 2nd International Eco-Electronics Conference took place in Beijing on 7 and 8 December 2006. On the agenda were amongst others issues on legislation and international trade, presentations on new technologies, a panel discussion on Chinese RoHS and its global impacts, and different sessions.

On 23 and 24 May 2007, the IEEE CPMT Symposium on Green Electronics took place in Gothenburg, Sweden. The symposium concerned various issues related to green electronics, and aimed at forming a platform for cooperation and communication between governments, industry, educational institutions and other sectors.

EC-GEPRO organised the Sino-European Workshop on Green Electronics on June 26 2007. This took place at the Everbright International Congress Centre and Exhibition Centre, Shanghai, China. The workshop was an official part of the Sino-EU science year event in China. Representatives from the Chinese government as well as from the EU attended.

On 26 and 27 May 2008, EC-GEPRO organised a European-Chinese seminar as a part of the ITR Conference on Green Electronics in Warsaw, Poland. The aim of the conference was to establish a forum for exchange of knowledge on ecological aspects of the designing and manufacturing of electronic systems, and also on the reuse of components and use of recycled materials in electronic equipment.