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VLSI Design Training Action


This Action aims to increase the VLSI design training capacity of the Community's academic institutions from 1500 to 4500 engineers per year. Through the provision of a comprehensive infrastructure, the Action will impart an impetus to VLSI design training which will result in an increase in the use of advanced microelectronics, particularly in key sectors of European industry.
A distributed infrastructure for the support of very large scale integration (VLSI) design training throughout the Community is being developed. By enhancing the training capacity of universities and polytechnics and providing well-defined routes to fabrication facilities, the number of engineers trained in VLSI design will be increased to meet the future needs of European industry.
The VLSI Design Training Action has a high potential for providing a coordinated training effort for a specific skills shortage within the Community. It offers the opportunity to address the wider training needs of academic and training institutions. Through the introduction of specific training courses, the needs of practising engineers for VLSI design training will be met and, by the provision of advanced technologies, a valuable technological resource will be made available to academic researchers.


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