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International Structural Assessment Monitoring and Control


The Thematic Network SAMCO (Structural Assessment Monitoring and Control, GTC2-2000-33069) was launched successfully in 2001. Its objective is to create knowledge communities within the field of structural assessment monitoring and control. Major activities are the development of collaborative technologies and methodologies for extended services and product development approaches in the field. The network covers the whole of Europe with a strong participation of partners from the candidate countries. It has been identified that there is ongoing creation of interest groups in the global context which are acting along the same lines as specified in SAMCO. The standardisation initiative embedded in SAMCO quickly identified the international demand for standardisation initiatives. The drive came from the United States (Stanford and Drexel Universities) with a strong participation of Japan (The University of Tokyo), with interest from the U.S. NSF and the Taiwanese N.C.R.E.E. A group has been formed recently including all these institutions to work on international regulations and standards. SAMCO has been invited to join and the necessary funds have been provided in the US, Japan and Taiwan. SAMCO being a European network shows no adequate funding facilities for a full participation. This proposal is made to close this important gap and to enable the most successful work done in SAMCO to become international.

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