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Multilateral Network to promote research on sustainable solid waste Management for INCO target countries


The overall objective of the WASTENet SSA is to support international research and co-operation in the area of sustainable solid waste management with a particular focus on appropriate technologies, policy constraints of dissemination and implementation an d success-oriented concepts for low and middle income countries.

Restricted access in developing countries to information sources concerning solid and hazardous waste management has led to a generalised lack of knowledge about the problem, resulting in nonexistent, inappropriate or incomplete technical, political and operational measures. On the other hand, countries with advanced know-how about waste management and treatment technologies are unaware of the research and policy needs in developing countries, unable to access these potential markets.

Through the establishment of an international knowledge network for the advancement of sustainable and appropriate waste management both issues can be addressed. The WASTENet strengthen the international research in sustainable and appropriate waste management strategies and technologies. The research network will be founded and organized by scientist or scientific institutions from Latin America, Asia and Europe.

The overall objective will be achieved by
- Identification of implementation and dissemination barriers for Know-how on sustainable waste management concepts
- Maintain a speaking tube for the international research community to communicate research demand in INCO target countries
- Establishing an Internet based exchange platform with information on best practice in science and project co-operation (e.g. waste-to-energy technologies)
- Dissemination of the outcome of the WASTE.Net
- Compilation of material for capacity building, joint education u nits with co-operation universities, workshops with stakeholders for awareness building etc.
- Establishing regional networks linked to research strategies of the European Union.

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