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Researchers Night 2006 in Gliwice "Re-search IT in your life!"


Learning is also fun, and scientists love playing and know how to play. These will be the two main theses of the Friday "Researchers Night??? on 22 September 2006 in Gliwice. While organizing the event, we have assumed that IT technologies, being the object of research carried out by scientists from our Department, are omnipresent.

At the same time, we find it necessary to popularize knowledge related thereto among persons who are not connected with science, including especially the youth. We will prove that issues accompanying technical thoughts of the contemporary world may be pleasant and not that complicated. We will present microprocessors in an exciting and amusing manner based on subjects relating to: molecular biology, medicine, criminology, art, mass media, sport and space travels.

Program is rich in scientific contests for the general public, interesting lectures, sports competitions, multimedia presentations, interactive games, concerts, etc. since it was prepared on the basis of young people's ideas. Participants of particular exercises will demonstrate their knowledge, intelligence, physical fitness, and creativity. We will establish an opportunity for presenting various skills, ensuring a high level of emotions at the same time.

The superior goal of the event will be, however, the meeting of the public with researchers, who will turn their attention to the attractiveness of scientific career in a colourful and legible for everyone manner. "Stepping down the chair", they will discuss their non-scientific passions. We believe that this will be an inspiration for young people trying to find their place in the present world.

The professional organization of the event is guaranteed by world-known scientists. Innovativeness of the Gliwice Researchers Nigh t will encourage young people to creative surveys and will be an alterative to Friday evening. Its participants will be richer of a belief that knowledge streaked with authentic passion is a key to success.

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