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Transnational Innovation Relay Centre in Western Switzerland, Rhone-Alpes and Auvergne regions


This consortium is composed of 2 former IRCs: IRC Rhône-Alpes Auvergne and IRC West Switzerland. The trans-national aspect of the IRC consortium, aims to bring credibility in Actions at a European level and economical and technological attractivity to the other European IRCs. Thanks to the covered area, IRC SORAA project concerns a high density of SMEs and a large variety of different technological fields. This breeding ground is also nourished by numerous technical centres and research laboratories, involv ed in national and European Research Programs. The main objective is to develop technological partnership between SMEs of different European regions on the basis of innovation projects mainly market-oriented. To reach these objectives, a global approach is proposed. It will make RTD results valorisation towards companies at an ambitious level of 15% (global TTT agreements). IRC SORAA project proposes a range of actions based on a proactive approach regarding the different level of IRC services (to clients a nd IRC network): awareness, assistance and different ways of meeting and matching needs and demands, embedded in European and local networking to reach an optimal synergy with the regional policy . IRC SORAA aims to be one of the active members of "this E uropean network of Excellence". To contribute to this excellence, IRC SORAA will perform good practices, staff exchanges and joint actions with the IRC network (paying special attention to Newly Associated Countries NAC) and thematic groups. To provide hig h level and quality services to the network, IRC SORAA will use tools from the IRC network like scoring technology profiles, and management indicators. IRC SORAA proposes new approaches such as marketing of technology, early use of technology implementatio n plan, special workshops to stimulate capacity of firms to innovate, financing innovation schemes, and will test cost effective new services.

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