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EU - forstinno: development of an ecologically compatible, highly productive method of timber harvesting for Central European forestry


The objective of this project is the development of ecologically compatible, highly productive timber harvesting techniques for Central European forestry. The demand made of modern forestry is that it must work, under humane working conditions, in a highly productive manner, which is yet environmentally friendly. In forst INNO the special conditions and techniques shall be worked out in the form of models for Central European circumstances, the required means of work assembled, and the necessary purpose-built forest machines manufactured.

The topics-processes of timber harvesting and transportation, economic efficiency and productivity, as well as environmental aspects and humanisation of the work place-are the focus of this project. The subject of the scientific investigations is the geobotanical, orographie and edaphic parameters in the various participating Central European states. Building upon these investigations, the following innovative ideas shall be developed out along the process chain in the forest: innovative harvester technology for a highly productive method of timber harvesting; the harvesting of broad-leaved trees in Central Europe; environmentally compatible timber harvesting with innovative transportation technology having low pressure on soil; use of a differentiated Global Positioning System (dGPS) for process optimisation of timber harvesting (telematic); design of the work place with consideration of ergonomie and safety aspects.

The scientific and technical objectives of the project forst lNNO come together: in the manufacturing of selected assembly groups and elements for prototypes of purpose-built forest machines, such as harvesters, equipped with innovative harvester heads, and forwarders; as well as in the formulation of sample work processes and organisation sequences for timber harvesting which are based on regional distinctions in consideration of environmental compatibility; economic efficiency and productivity and humanisation of the work place.

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