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CORDIS - Wyniki badań wspieranych przez UE
Zawartość zarchiwizowana w dniu 2024-06-16

An S&T cooperation initiative to improve the linkages between Canada and the European research area


ERA-CAN will increase the quality, quantity, profile and impact of S&T cooperation between Canada and the European Research Area (ERA). Excellent S&T is essential for a strong knowledge-based economy, underpins the policies necessary for governance , and contributes to cohesive social visions and models. S&T excellence requires global connectivity. Thus, this proposal not only supports the specific objectives of FP6, but also contributes to the S&T foundation essential to the Europe's politic al, economic and social objectives. There is untapped potential for Canadian integration into the ERA, and for European involvement in Canadian S&T. Constraining factors include insufficient awareness of opportunities, inadequate connections amongst re searchers, the "distance" hurdle to building the trust and confidence necessary for partnerships, the complexity of S&T programs on both sides, lack of assistance when navigating such programs, and the asynchronous research funding and peer review syst ems in Canada and Europe. Increasing Canada-ERA cooperation requires proactive, targeted measures. ERA-CAN, supported by 8 key federal Canadian S&T institutions making an over 58% contribution to the proposal, will deliver a range of measures to increa se Canada-Europe cooperation amongst academic, industrial and government stakeholders in all areas of science: social, medical, natural, etc. These measures include a "one-stop" website, email alerts, targeted events in both Canada and Europe, partnering a ssistance, and advice. The scope for such measures is almost endless - almost no implementation funds are currently available. This proposal will improve cooperation, and is designed to also augment dialogue and coordination amongst stakeholder institution s supporting the Canada-Europe S&T relationship.

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