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Zawartość zarchiwizowana w dniu 2024-04-19

Modelling and Reuse of Information over Time


The objective of MARITIME is to improve the sharing and exchange of product data within the European maritime industry by the application of modern information and interface technologies throughout the life-cycle of maritime products, particularly ships. It is mainly based on current neutral product data definition methodology (the ISO STEP standardisation project).

The technical goals are to:

- develop a life-cycle product model for maritime products, particularly ships, which takes into account the perspectives of the shipyard, certifier and owner, and focuses on the information exchanged by these parties
- define information exchange scenarios for the design and maintenance of maritime products, focusing on stell structures and equipment and outfitting
- develop a methodology for extracting the relevant subsets from neutral product databases
- develop a prototype presentation component to accompany neutral product data exchange
- demonstrate the product model in pilot tests
- contribute to the ISO standardisation process by actively participating in the development of an application protocol for product life-cycle data in the maritime field.

The longer-term goal is to develop an object-based architecture and information-modelling environment.


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