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Ecopaint bio-based formulations


LCA case study: comparison between independent and coproduction pathways for the production of ethyl and n-butyl acetates

Autorzy: Sophie Thiebaud-Roux; Idoia Etxeberria; Nydia Ileana Guzman Barrera; Carlos Vaca Garcia; Cecile Bories; Emeline Vedrenne; Caroline Sablayrolles; Jérôme Peydecastaing
Opublikowane w: HAL CCSD 2017
Stały identyfikator: Digital Object Identifier:10.1007/s11367-017-1317-8

A Novel Process Using Ion Exchange Resins for the Coproduction of Ethyl and Butyl Acetates

Autorzy: Carlos Vaca-Garcia; Sophie Thiebaud-Roux; Nydia Ileana Guzman Barrera; Jérôme Peydecastaing; Cecile Bories; Emeline Vedrenne; Caroline Sablayrolles
Opublikowane w: HAL CCSD Green and Sustainable Chemistry 3 (8), 221-246. (2018) 2018
Stały identyfikator: Digital Object Identifier:10.4236/gsc.2018.83016