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Searching for the remaining unknown neutrino oscillation parameters using the NOvA long baseline experiment


"The following proposal presents a comprehensive research programme based at the University of Sussex, UK on the NOνA long baseline neutrino experiment. This work addresses major questions in particle physics that are at the forefront of experimental and theoretical physics research today. The specific objectives are: the discovery of electron anti-neutrino appearance in a muon anti-neutrino beam; the determination of the neutrino mass hierarchy; and the search for indications CP violation in the lepton sector.

These measurements have the potential to significantly advance our knowledge of both neutrino physics and the Standard Model of particle physics. Furthermore such discoveries would have profound implications for Grand Unified Theories and for cosmology, helping to provide an explanation for the matter-antimatter asymmetry of the current day.

The NOvA long-baseline neutrino oscillation experiment will use a novel ""totally active” design for the detector technology and will be exposed to the world's highest power neutrino beam over a uniquely long baseline. No other experiments in the near future will be able to produce the results discussed in this proposal, furthermore no other sensitive experiments are under construction at the present time.

This proposal addresses several of the key challenges vital for these physics objectives with the planned tasks: the development of the data-driven trigger system; and the implementation of the cutting edge particle flow reconstruction techniques.

Europe and the UK have a history of leadership in such projects, which is important to maintain. The funding of this proposal will ensure that significant technical expertise will be built up in the UK. This will benefit the UK, the University of Sussex and the ERA region. The measurements proposed here, focusing on electron anti-neutrinos, are highly complementary to and will appreciably extend the existing programme of neutrino oscillation research in Europe."

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Sussex House Falmer
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United Kingdom
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