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Understanding and Defining Supply Chain Complexity: A Mixed Method Approach for Basic and Applied Research


A supply chain (SC) is a set of three of more entities engaged in moving raw materials and finished goods from point of origin to that of consumption. Globalization, environmental uncertainties, and competition make SCs increasingly complex. SC complexity (SCC) leads to unexpected changes, increased risks and lead times, reduced agility and sub-optimized performance. A greater understanding of the antecedents to and impact of SCC on SC performance will help companies better manage SCC and become competitive.

The objectives of this multi-disciplinary research are to: develop measurement, theoretical, and simulation models of SCC by using Grounded Theory (GT), Case Research, Structural Equation Modeling, and Computer Simulation (CS) methods.
To achieve the objectives, the researchers will combine their content and methodological expertise, and complementary strengths in leading a team of research associates, blending basic and applied research, publishing in top journals, and leveraging industry connections.

SCC project supports at least three strategic priorities of the Work Programme: Europe: a destination for world-class researchers; moving from resource-intensive to knowledge-intensive and sustainable advantages; and knowledge transfer.
(1)SCC project is a collaborative and multi-disciplinary research involving universities and industry. Experienced researcher’s content and methodological expertise adds to the scientific and technological excellence, and her success with publishing papers increases the impact of the research. SCC project encourages equal participation of women and men.
(2)Participating companies (small, medium, and large enterprises) may become more competitive by benefiting from tailored feedback and benchmarking.
(3)Workshops on conducting and publishing high quality research, and executing GT and CS research will enable knowledge-transfer. Dissemination of findings will be through journals and conference for both academics and managers.

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