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Opis projektu

Expansion of Use Cases

The goal of FI-C3 is to implement an incubator for innovative products/services proposed by SMEs in the domains of Smart territories, Media & contents and Care & well-being. Its target is to launch about 40 projects in order to have 25 of them ready to go to market at the end of the contract. The valorization of the developed services/applications will be implemented at regional/national as well as cross-border levels, using the consortium access to big accounts such as operators and public authorities. The partners will link this initiative with local (smart) policies where possible.FI-C3 will organize 3 open calls to select the projects. Within the incubator, those projects will be supported in terms of funding and of technical and business assistance by the means of various boosters:• Concept early evaluation with Focus Group, • Technical assistance to using the Enablers,• Peer design reviews, • Hosting facilities for development and experimentation,• Field User Tests, • Business Development training and coaching.The incubation process will be implemented using an agile approach with regular evaluation every 3 months. FI-C3 will also include the necessary links to the FI-PPP management structure to insure efficient coordination with the other projects and therefore obtain better impact at programme level. It will devote important effort (among which the organization of roadshows) to inform potential developers on the opportunities presented by the open calls.FI-C3 is proposed by a group of 5 regional clusters and organisations already active among well-established communities of SMEs. It will reutilize best practices (of which call management procedures) presently operational within the consortium members. All partners have also links with Regional business development key actors who will be invited to support the projects through a high-level advisory Board.

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