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Datacenter EURECA Project


Final Publishable Report

Final Report.

Report pilots / case studies

This report will present the outcome of the case studies, identifying strengths and weaknesses of the tools and supporting information and training, as well as lessons learned. It will include quantitative data on the achieved public life cycle cost savings and environmental benefits through the use of the developments of this project.

Dissemination and Communication Plan

The plan will describe the dissemination, communication and liaison activities that the project will perform. It will highlight stakeholder groups, events and activities, and the impact creation strategy.

Periodic cost statement including project report

Periodic cost statement including project report.

Dissemination, Communication and Exploitation Report

The report will provide the results of all activities in WP6. It will report on the results of the impact creation activities (dissemination, standardization and exploitation) within the project lifetime and the plans after the project end. This deliverable will include blueprints, guidelines and good practices for effectively replicating the DC EURECA results by other public bodies and public procurement organizations all over Europe.

Green and innovation Procurement Best Practice Workshops and Online platform Report

The report will detail workshop activities reporting on physical attendees. The report will also detail online registrations and uptake of DC EURECA resources.

Dissemination and Communication Publications Report

The report will summarise the publications (electronic journals, academic publications, press releases, etc.) produced during the project giving details of each including: publication outlet, dates, authors, DOI, etc.

Report on the evaluation method for measuring the energy savings and environmental benefit of the project via GPP

This report will detail the evaluation method to be used for the final project impact assessment.

Report policy recommendations for further steps and policy measures

This report will provide policy recommendations on EU-level to ease the green public procurement of green data centers and server rooms as well as data center services. The report will advise also briefly in relation to EU Ecolabel, Ecodesign, Energy label and Environmental Footprint policy instruments.

Report quantitative economic & impact assessment as per call targets

This report covers the formal and quantitative impact assessment of the project achievements in a wider perspective as per the call targets. It will report for reasonably best and reasonably worst case scenarios on EU-wide expected benefits of the developed tool etc., particularly in terms of the anticipated results of over energy savings of the project’s developments, well above the EC expected 25 GWh/a per EUR 1 Mio EU contribution. Moreover the extent of increased procurer skills and effective an expected procurement of innovation data enter solutions will be reported. Finally, the relative and absolute contribution to the three relevant EU2020 targets will be estimated.

Report on ten published tenders

This report will provide details of the 10 or more published tenders within the project lifetime.

Dissemination and Communication Events Report

The report will summarise the events (training, awareness, etc.) conducted during the project giving details of each including: location, dates/times, attendee lists, activities conducted / material covered, etc.

Updated implementation plan

Updated implementation plan to be delivered at the same time as the project review period.

Intermediate Project Report

Intermediate Project Report.

Report on impact analysis of green data center procurement choices

This will help create business cases and encourage uptake by providing trusted information; this report will also feed into T5.3, i.e. the evaluation of the expected project’s impact.

Report procurement practices and recommended evaluation benchmarks

This report will provide a recommended approach to the different procurement scenarios. It will provide the initial input for WP2, which in turn provides a benchmark for procurement of energy-efficient and environmentally sound data centers and related products and services, based on an assessment of the state-of-practice and the state-of-the-art, and will be supported by empirical data and by qualitative feedback.

DC EURECA Framework and Specification

The framework will guide procurers in making economic and environmental cost/benefit analysis, decision making, and provide guidance on developing business cases, maturity and capability assessment, etc. in relation to procuring ‘green’ (i.e. energy-efficient and better environmentally performing) data center products, services and buildings.

Exploitation Plan

The plan will describe the exploitation activities, the activities to stimulate adoption by public bodies and public procurement organizations, and the activities to increase compliance by industry stakeholders. It will develop the strategy to link the activities to the targeted groups of stakeholders during the delivery of the DC EURECA tool during the pilot activities.

DC EURECA Sustainability Strategy

Potential long term sustainability strategies and options are created and outlined in a report.

Directory of EU Public Sector Procurers

The directory will contain a list of public sector procurers interested in knowledge sharing around procuring green data centers and relate services The database will allow advanced search options including areas of interest country sector and department There will be regular updated reports every 6 months with the final one in month36

Online Collaboration Platform

Online Collaboration Platform.

DC EURECA Training curriculum

The DC EURECA training matrix, curriculums and other teaching aids, and documentation will be delivered for use.


The tool will automate many aspects of the framework (D2.1) such as: information gathering, business case template generation, maturity and capability calculator, cost/benefit analysis, etc.


gUML: Reasoning about Energy at Design Time by Extending UML Deployment Diagrams with Data Centre Contextual Information

Autorzy: Nigar Jebraeil, Adel Noureddine, Joseph Doyle, Syed Islam, Rabih Bashroush
Opublikowane w: 2017 IEEE World Congress on Services (SERVICES), 2017, Strona(/y) 59-66, ISBN 978-1-5386-2002-1
Wydawca: IEEE
DOI: 10.1109/SERVICES.2017.19

A Comprehensive Reasoning Framework for Hardware Refresh in Data Centres

Autorzy: Rabih Bashroush
Opublikowane w: IEEE Transactions on Sustainable Computing, 2018, Strona(/y) 1-1, ISSN 2377-3782
Wydawca: IEEE
DOI: 10.1109/TSUSC.2018.2795465

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