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Smart Wireless Access Point with Objective User-Targeting

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - SWAPOUT (Smart Wireless Access Point with Objective User-Targeting)

Okres sprawozdawczy: 2015-10-01 do 2015-12-31

To develop a business plan to assess the best markets to enter with ZoneArt’s technology. To engage with customers to determine which of the many benefits of the product are most valuable to them and in which geographic and/or application market areas.
Work performed during the reporting period and main results achieved so far. ZoneArt’s product offering can address two principle markets: the wireless geolocation market and the enterprise wireless local area network (WLAN) market. In some instances these markets are combined, providing ZoneArt with a unique and powerful proposition. ZoneArt’s unique selling proposition lies in the combination of very high accuracy (measured in centimetres and not metres), high-speed (measured in milliseconds and not seconds), geolocation, together with personalised, high-capacity, Wi-Fi coverage. Location accuracy is often discussed as if it is the only metric of importance when considering a geolocation solution. Whilst it is clearly an important criterion, the speed with which a user is located is of equal, if not greater importance. Most Wi-Fi based systems today rely upon the use of multiple access points to provide a single geolocation ‘fix’; for fundamental technical reasons, this often leads to the time taken to obtain a position location being 10 seconds or more. A consumer walking through a store could easily have covered 15-20 metres in that time (in any direction), meaning that they could be located anywhere within an area approximating to 3 or 4 tennis courts – a huge area of uncertainty, roughly equivalent to the geolocation coverage area of many access points today. ZoneArt’s solution requires only a single unit in order to obtain an accurate location fix, reducing the time taken to obtain such a fix, to milliseconds. ZoneArt will make the geolocation interface and data-reporting format open-source, to allow analytics providers to implement their own, tailored, geolocation solutions as a part of their analytics offerings. The above benefits will come at a cost which is comparable to existing, mainstream, Wi-Fi enterprise solutions.
One of the greatest innovations within the product lies in its adoption of a hardware architecture which makes this possible; all components are standard and low-cost, including the use of industry-standard access point chipsets. Through the work undertaken under the Horizon 2020 scheme the company has determined that its best route forward is in pursuing the geolocation market.
Zone Art Networks Geoloaction AP
Zone Art Networks Geolocation AP