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New Strategy for Re-Naturing Cities through Nature-Based Solutions


Urban GreenUP aims at obtaining a tailored methodology (1) to support the co-development of Renaturing Urban Plans focused on climate change mitigation and adaptation and efficient water management, and (2) to assist in the implementation of NBS in an effective way. NBS classification and parametrization will be addressed and some resources to support decision making will be established as part of the project activities.

A large scale and fully replicable demonstration action of NBS accompanied by innovative business models will provide evidences about the benefits of NBS contributing to the creation of new market opportunities for European companies, and fostering citizen insight and awareness about environmental problems.

Three European cities will assume the demos as front-runners (Valladolid, Liverpool and Izmir), other set of two European cities will act as followers to strengthen the replication potential of the results (Ludwigsburg and Mantova) and finally three non-European cities (Medellín, Chengdu and Quy Nhon) will allow to identify the market opportunities for European companies out of Europe and fostering the European leadership in NBS implementation at global level.

URBAN GreenUp also aims to: fostering the creation of a global market and EU international cooperation; deploy a wide Exploitation and Market deployment procedure for NBS solutions & deploy an Impact-based Communication and Dissemination strategy.

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