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Hydrogen generator for higher fuel efficiency and lower carbon emissions in maritime transport

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - H2MOVE (Hydrogen generator for higher fuel efficiency and lower carbon emissions in maritime transport)

Okres sprawozdawczy: 2017-02-01 do 2017-05-31

Shipping emissions represent 3% of the world’s air emissions and the industry’s share is increasing. Regulators, led by the International Maritime Organization, have started to act. Since January 2013, an Energy Efficiency Design Index and a Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan are mandatory for all ships of 400 gross tonnage and above. From 2015, ships operating in Emissions Control Areas are required to use fuels with 0.1% or less sulphur content (versus 1%). From 2016, new thresholds apply to nitrous oxide emissions. These increasingly tightening measures concerning air emissions as well as the need for less fossil fuel usage in Internal Combustion Engines (ICE) lead to the need of finding alternative energy sources or operative measures to increase the current fuel efficiency in energy engines. The combined use of hydrogen and fossil fuels in almost any existing Internal Combustion Engine and Steam Boiler represented for many years a promise which results currently in an early application on vehicles. The co-combustion leads not only to fossil fuel reduction but also to air emissions reduction improving the efficiency of the engine. H2MOVE is an efficient hydrogen generator for large scale application; it produces hydrogen via the alkaline water electrolysis method using only a few amperes of electricity leading to a lower fossil fuel consumption by the engines (20-30% less) and to a reduction of the emission of 35%. This technology aims to strengthen Europe’s position in the marine engine manufacturing market, which is currently weak due to cheaper, but low quality, foreign competing solutions. H2MOVE hydrogen generator is an add-on technology for the on-demand real-time production of hydrogen which is immediately used after it generation by flowing it directly to the combustion process via the air inlet manifold. This makes the technology absolutely safe. The H2MOVE generator has a leak detector device installed, and in case of any H2 leakage, the system stops the electrolysis process immediately. The H2MOVE generator is applicable on ICE engines and steam boilers ranging from 400 – 30,000HP. Accordion aims at improving the efficiency of the most diffused marine engines producing hydrogen on-board, safely and in a sustainable way.
During the Phase 1 feasibility assessment, Aris Pump accomplished a full analysis of the technical and business potential of H2MOVE generator. Throughout the duration of the project, Aris Pump expanded its knowledge of the marine engine manufacturing market, including regulations, standards, market size and competitors. During the Feasibility Study, the requirements to bring a reliable industrially-relevant Minimum Viable Product were identified based on opinions of important stakeholders, such as cruise ship owners and marine engine manufacturers; a clear go-to-market strategy in terms of identifying the key target application (marine engine), their market position as tech provider, customers (ship owners) and business model/commercial partnership was accomplished. Aris Pump established all technical activities and criteria for success that need to be implemented in order to achieve the target industrial production capacity and performances. The product development was decided accordingly, foreseeing the need to conduct a pilot on a cruise ship of an important company in the cruise sector of Cyprus. In addition Aris Pump has decided to pursue a more impactful industrialisation strategy availing of its own facilities inside EU and of larger marine engine manufacturing companies to outreach production at international level. H2MOVE, with its competitive advantages, puts Aris Pump in a strong position in the hydrogen generator for ICE market, first of all for its large scale application and impressive impact on fuel consumption and CO2 and particulate emissions.
H2MOVE wants to overcome the main issues associated with hydrogen generators, such as the high risk of explosion due to hydrogen leakage, the high energy input for electrolysis and the difficulty of scaling up these technologies bringing benefits to all the fossil fuel engines. H2MOVE is a safe, cost-effective and reliable generator for large-scale application. Aris Pump technology will have a clear impact addressing issues related both to the environment and the society. In fact, due to its technical innovations it will strongly reduce the environmental impact of maritime transport. It represents an eco-innovative solution for the sustainable shipping. Pilots on real ships will enable the Company to demonstrate and validate the high performance expected, hence increasing the brand awareness and creating trust in the Company. In addition, as a result of greater user acceptance, it will improve the competitiveness of the EU marine engine manufacturing sector increasing opportunities for growth, diversification and job creation for the sector in general and the SME in particular.