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Integrating Punching and Laser Coil Technology for Metal Manufacturing Industry


Preliminary performance report

D 3.3. Preliminary performance report (month 15) A monitoring and controlling report will be supplied about results obtained with Task 3.4, including the prototype performance description during first commissioning. It will be useful for detecting limits and problems to be solved and to go beyond during WP4.

Performance evaluation report

D 5.3 Performance evaluation report (month 23) This report will include EffiCOIL performance results, technical details of the operational parameters, as well as samples of manufactured parts.

EffiCOIL prototype

D 3.2. EffiCOIL prototype (month 13) EffiCOIL prototype running will be shown as a demonstration. EC personnel will be welcomed to visit PRODUTECH facilities and will check EffiCOIL operation.

Technical manuals

D 5.4. Technical Manuals (Month 23) It will include EffiCOIL detailed manual with technical specifications, an installation & maintenance guide, and the Standard Operation Procedures.

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