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Breakthrough of Hydrogen Energy and Hydrogen Mobility by Utilisation of MEMBRASENZ Membranes

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - MEMBRASENZ (Breakthrough of Hydrogen Energy and Hydrogen Mobility by Utilisation of MEMBRASENZ Membranes)

Okres sprawozdawczy: 2018-02-01 do 2018-07-31

The company MEMBRASENZ, engaged in business-to-business (B2B) activities related to R&D, production and commercialization of components/membranes for energy conversion systems, has developed an advanced membrane material for gas separation during the process of electrolytic hydrogen production. The target customers of the innovative membrane material are worldwide manufacturers of alkaline electrolysers. Taking into account the relevance of hydrogen as an energy career in providing green, CO2-free energy supply for industrial, domestic use and mobility applications, this invention possesses the potential to contribute solving the future European/global energy challenges. Ten electrolysers producers (D, DK, BE) have already, with a Letter-of- Intent, expressed their interest in installing the patented MEMBRASENZ membranes in their electrolysis systems. The State-of-the-Art membranes available on the market, Zirfon® (AGFA), possess shortcomings, which are limiting the expansion of the alkaline water electrolysis for H2 production. The prototype membrane developed by MEMBRASENZ, surpasses the performance of the competitor on the market. Ionic conductivity, thermal and mechanical resistivity of MEMBRASENZ’s prototype membranes are significantly higher compared to the State-of-the-Art membrane. These improvements lead to increased efficiency of the electrolysis process when using MEMBRASENZ membranes and would enable the reduction of hydrogen price.
In the frame of the feasibility study all set objectives were attained. The most suitable technology for the prototype up-scale in industrial conditions was assessed. The contacts with new customers in CH, IT, USA, CA and JP were established. Based on the PCT patent, the IP protection in major economic markets took place.
MEMBRASENZ intends to apply for Phase 2 to attain the main objectives of the innovation project i.e. launch of the mass membrane production, market entry with the membrane product and business growth accompanied with hiring personnel,.
Alkaline electrolysers equipped with the innovative MEMBRASENZ membranes represent an efficient, high purity H2 production system to be used by numerous H2 end-users, such as industry, mobility, energy sectors (Power-to-Power, Power-to-Gas, Power-to-X…). The outcome for the EU and global society will be the contribution to the breakthrough of the H2 technology and future independency of fossil fuels.
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