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Sulphites' substitute in wine; natural and safe

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - 4Sure (Sulphites' substitute in wine; natural and safe)

Okres sprawozdawczy: 2018-05-01 do 2018-08-31

Sulphite is widely used as an anti-oxidant but it can result in health problems. Natural4Sure has the purpose of developing natural ingredients for the food and beverage industry: 4Sure is a natural patented replacement for sulphites in food products and wine based on Melissa officinalis extract that shows good efficacy as preservative.
The overall objectives of this Feasibility Study have served to investigate potential markets of 4Sure, define a growth plan and a clear exploitation strategy and prepare the needed industrialization plan. The FS will also serve to study the viability of the project in economical and technical terms, our freedom-to-operate and legal framework for the product
We have designed an industrialization plan to prepare the process optimization with main technical and commercial tasks including timeframe, scale-up production steps, services, resources and subcontractors as well as a detailed analysis of the risks associated with the process.
We have conducted a market analysis to define the main target markets for 4Sure, potential partners in those countries and analyse our competitors. We have defined a simple but successful sales model and 4Sure IP landscape to confirm our Freedom-To-Operate in target markets; we have also checked there is no trademark with the same commercial product as 4Sure. We have confirmed applicable regulations, we have created a dissemination plan and undertaken a detailed analysis of the commercial risks associated to the project.
Finally, we have developed a full cost/benefit analysis of 4Sure with conservative financial projections for the first 5 years of sales.
Natural4Sure business plan generates very good expectations for 4Sure project. It has demonstrated important advantages compared with available alternatives (most of them chemical solutions, not natural) and is ready to be integrated into the organic wine market and future ones.
This project will generate an annual turnover of €35 million by the 5th year of sales and a promising ROI of 18,75. We also expect to be key for an overall change in the European food and beverage preservatives market and arise awareness of healthy food among the EU population.