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Bio Sensory Panel

A biosensory panel with major units a NIRS sensor a MFC sensor and an RS sensor This relates to Tasks 51 to 55

Consolidated Report - Site Mapping

A site mapping exercise is undertaken in WP3 Task 32 which results in a report through WP2 The due date for the deliverable has been moved due to issues with funding for Indian partners and restrictions related to the COVID19 pandemic

Preliminary Report - Site Mapping

A site mapping exercise is undertaken in WP3, Task 3.2, which results in a Report through WP2. The due date related to this deliverable has been changed to reflect issues related to funding for Indian Partners and COVID-19 restrictions.

Preliminary Report - Design of Bioreactor

The design of the bioreactor Task 410 is carried out under WP4 resulting in a report through WP2

Project Handbook & Templates

Project Handbook to provide guidance to the consortium. The document will include all essential project information, including the application, budget, timeline, deliverables and milestones lists with corresponding delivery dates, reporting schedule, contact information for the consortium as a whole and for individual WP Leaders, contact information for the Data Protection Officer at UiT (in case of need), the Consortium Agreement and the Grant Agreement.

Database of Pollutants & Sludge Library

A database of pollutants will be created

Project homepage

A basic web portal is developed and published online for general access to the project, its objectives and its planned outcomes. Further development will put in place a document sharing facility for Consortium members.

Public Web Portal

A public web portal will be made available to inform interested parties about the activities of the SPRING project. Tasks related to this activity are 2.3 and 9.2.

Enzyme system for Hydroxyl radical pollutant & intermediate reporting for testing for SARS-CoV-2

New low cost point of treatment scalable stable enzyme system for Hydroxyl radical generation and pollutant removal This relates to Tasks 41 to 45 Intermediate report for testing for SARSCoV2 Tasks 41 to 43

Data Management Plan

A data management plan will be created as a part of WP2.


Virulence Traits of Inpatient Campylobacter jejuni Isolates, and a Transcriptomic Approach to Identify Potential Genes Maintaining Intracellular Survival

Autorzy: Judit K. Kovács, Alysia Cox, Bettina Schweitzer, Gergely Maróti, Tamás Kovács, Hajnalka Fenyvesi, Levente Emődy, György Schneider
Opublikowane w: Microorganisms, Numer 8/4, 2020, Strona(/y) 531, ISSN 2076-2607
Wydawca: Microorganisms Journal
DOI: 10.3390/microorganisms8040531

Review of the State-of-the-art Sewer Monitoring and Maintenance Systems Pune, Municipal Corporation - A Case Study

Autorzy: Ravindra R. Patil, Saniya M. Ansari, Rajnish Kaur Calay, Mohamad Y. Mustafa
Opublikowane w: TEM Journal, Numer Volume 10, Numer 4, 2021, Strona(/y) 1500-1508, ISSN 2217-8309
Wydawca: The Association for Information Communication Technologies, Education and Science
DOI: 10.18421/tem104-02

An Assessment - Water Quality Monitoring Practices and Sewer Robotic Systems

Autorzy: Saniya Ansari, S M Khairnar, Ravindra R Patil, Rupali S Kokate
Opublikowane w: Information Technology in Industry, Numer Vol. 9, No. 1, 2021, 2021, Strona(/y) 140 - 148, ISSN 2203-1731
Wydawca: Information Technology in Industry

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