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Fast and effective diagnostic test for the early detection of residual tumours to prevent cancer recurrence


The main concern in cancer treatment is its high rate of recurrence. It may happen soon or years after treatment and it’s very hard to predict/prevent. Removing residual tumour cells is the best way to avoid recurrence, so identifying new tumour markers is the most pressing demand. We have developed SenolT, an innovative diagnostic test for the early detection and monitoring of senescent cells, which appear after chemotherapy/radiotherapy and are directly associated to cancer recurrence. SenolT detects all kinds of tumours, but we focus on pancreatic and triple negative breast (TNBC) cancers because prognosis is very poor for patients and recurrence is their main cause of mortality. Our customers will be pharmaceutical companies, so we have already contacted several of them in the sector. The initial target market will be TNBC/Pancreatic cancer patients that received chemotherapy/radiotherapy in the EU & USA. Competitors focus on liquid biopsy tests and cancer-related protein markers (expensive & slow to get results). No other companies are working in the detection of senescent cells as a diagnostic method to predict recurrence. Senolytic Therapeutics is a company that develops a new class of medicines by targeting damaged cells. Our mission is to advance our portfolio of therapies to clinical trials and improve the lives of patients and families. Our SenolT proprietary technology will be developed and de-risked through Phase2 Clinical trials and then license the validated technologies to pharma companies, to finalise their development and bring them to the market. By 2025 we expect: A) 15% royalties’ rate on net sales with a unit price to healthcare systems of €800; B) 20% market share (70,000 people) from an expected total of TNBC/pancreatic cancer population of over 352,000 in USA & EU; C) TAM growing up to about €57 m; D) NPV of €27.2 m (10% discount rate) and an IRR of 120%; E) Cumulative EBITDA of about €44 m; F) 20 newly created jobs, mainly in R&D and sales.

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