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Disinfecting the Stethoscope membrane through a hi-tech UV device


STET CLEAN® is a revolutionary high-tech ultraviolet (UV) device for stethoscope disinfection invented, designed and
created by egoHEALTH, an Italian SME specialised in the development, engineering and production of hardware/software
devices and innovative services in the field of bioengineering and biomedical information technology. STET CLEAN is safe
for health professionals and patients alike, eco-friendly, suitable for all standard stethoscopes, with a pocket-sized body
that can be worn on medical coats and easy-to-use (simply insert the stethoscope in the STET CLEAN device - when the
indicator light turns off it is disinfected).
The device is currently at TRL7 (technology readiness level 7), as the system has already been demonstrated in an
operational environment. A first batch of prototypes (the basic version) were tested on the market to collect feedback
from potential users. This feedback was then included in a second version: five thousand devices have been produced so
far, but the selling price (approximately 150€) is not competitive yet! Therefore, we are asking for support from the SME
phase 1 instrument to:
▪ Streamline production and evaluate STET CLEAN‘s scalability, with the aim of reducing production/final costs;
▪ Analyse the target markets, the needs of user groups and the regulations in each target country to adapt the system to
national policies and customer requirements;
▪ Investigate market risks and establish corresponding mitigation strategies.
▪ STET CLEAN videos are available.

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