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New Label driving supply and demand of energy efficient products


Information concepts and tools for the point of sale

Report describing concepts and tools. PDF 5 pages English

Simple information tools for consumers and professional buyers provided as downloads on the project website

PDF version of information tools all language versions

Updated dissemination and exploitation plan (mid-term)

PDF document English

Flyer / mini brochure (digital / printed format) for general stakeholder information

PDF-version of flyers, all language versions

Sustainability plan

PDF document related to task 77 English 10 pages

Information concept and tools for online shops

Report describing concepts and tools. PDF 5 pages English

Monitoring report from implementation

Monitoring report covering performance monitoring across all countries including monitoring template PDF document 10 pages English

Communication and dissemination strategy

Communication and dissemination concept, PDF, 20 pages, English

Report covering issues/problems during the label implementation and related policy recommendations that could feed into further legislation development and revision

Report including policy recommendations PDF English

Documentation of national campaigns

Final documentation of all campaign activities covering task 52 to 56 including implementation of tools concrete activities set target groups addressed key actors involved PDF document English 10 pages per country

Final designed versions of digital and printed tools

Designed information tools f consumers professional buyers retailers PDF

Publishable report

Summary report on campaign results PDF 40 pages English

Collection of best practice cases from the campaigns

Collection of best practice cases PDF document 20 pages English

Training concept and content for sales persons

Training concept and presentations. PDF, all language versions

Press book and report on media reach

Documentation of media publications PDF English

E-Learning Tool

Concept and content of e-learning tool. PDF, all language versions

Web-based tool supporting consumers both in a standard website and mobile version

Software tool accessible via project website All language versions

Project website

Project website including English international version and country versions

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