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Supplying Accurate Nuclear Data for energy and non-energy Applications

Opis projektu

Nowa biblioteka danych zawiera pomiary jądrowe o wysokiej dokładności

Dokładne dane jądrowe mają fundamentalne znaczenie dla wielu różnych dziedzin związanych i niezwiązanych z techniką jądrową. Celem finansowanego ze środków UE projektu SANDA jest stworzenie biblioteki danych zawierającej wysokiej jakości pomiary jądrowe najważniejszych izotopów i reakcji. W dużej mierze projekt koncentruje się na metodach pomiaru, oceny i walidacji danych. Dane jądrowe o wysokiej dokładności mogą być wykorzystywane przez organy ds. bezpieczeństwa, instytuty badawcze, przemysł jądrowy i organizacje ds. zdrowia. Zespół chce skutecznie udostępniać wyniki projektu SANDA szerokiej publiczności za pośrednictwem Agencji Energii Jądrowej (NEA) i Międzynarodowej Agencji Energii Atomowej (MAEA).


Supplying Accurate Nuclear Data for energy and non-energy Applications.
The project will include experimental measurements of new or improved quality data, evaluation, validation and dissemination of the data to produce libraries that can be used by safety authorities, research institutions, the nuclear energy industry, health organizations, other non-energy applications and the EU society at large. The project will also include in smaller fraction support to detector development, facility setups and samples fabrication to prepare important measurements and validations that are not possible in the time framework of the present proposal but that will be required in near future for the safe and efficient use of nuclear technologies.
The selection of topics, isotopes, reactions, measurements, experiments and evaluation has been made taking into account the relevance, expected impact and priorities of the resulting data according to the NEA/OECD and IAEA high priority lists and committees as well as the experience of the participants and of previous EU proposals with large participation of the partners for the present proposal (CHANDA, ANDES,…). The impact has been evaluated from the perspective of a safe, efficient and competitive use of nuclear technologies.
In comparison with previous projects, the present proposal proposes to concentrate more efforts on delivering actual results than in the preparation for the future, by enhancing the support to evaluations, validations and actual measurements. Also special attention has been paid to make sure that the topics included cover the non-energy application requiring nuclear data as well as it will cover the needs of the nuclear energy sector.
Respecting those principles, the proposal has also tried to be as inclusive to the different EU research groups and countries as possible maintaining the manageability of the project, its efficiency and the maximum quality and relevance of the action and involved partners.


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