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CORDIS - Wyniki badań wspieranych przez UE

The distributed Blockchain middleware that allows business worldwide to build business solutions with Blockchain technology


Establishment of the partner consortium

Setup a long-term consortium with well-defined governance processes.

Launch of first BetterMint events

Multiple events in collaboration with social organisations, experts, companies and/or scientific researchers.

Launch of the BetterMint Framework

Implementation plan and set up of a multidisciplinary team of educators, social scientists, industry leaders, etc.

Publishing content directed to experts and scientists

The knowledge gained within the Innovation Centre will be shared mainly through scientific conferences and journals.

Participation at (non-)scientific conferences, fairs and events

Guest lectures at EU universities, workshops, scientific conferences and publications in journals.

Establishing 3 offices in the Middle-E + EU

Set up local offices in foreign countries to accelerate growth and extend market presence

Launch of the Blockchain Innovation Centre

R&D department within the Innovation Centre with R&D roadmap, international presence and business plan

Launch of the Blockchain Academy in 5 EU countries

R&D network with IT and cryptography departments of top universities.

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