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One box to measure all the most important air pollutants and greenhouse gases


Lazaero will radically disrupt the €4.2 billion air quality monitoring market as we know it with the very first all-in-one solution to measure the most important air pollutants (CO, O3, SO2, NO, NO2, NH3) and 4 greenhouse gases (H2O, CO2, CH4 and N2O) continuously, simultaneously and precisely. This is a huge jump from current technologies which monitor each gas separately via a mess of expensive, fixed instruments, each of which must be carefully calibrated by expert technical staff and can suffer from cross-sensitivities with other gases. Our technology applies the latest in direct laser absorption spectroscopy, with three novel dual-colour quantum cascade lasers (CQL), custom design electronics and software to create a plug & play, mobile, compact (20kg, 2.025 cm3) easy to use device that saves space and reduce costs. Lazaero doesn’t need a server or to be calibrated, so it can be operated without special training for 75% less operational and 40% lower startup costs compared to existing devices. Furthermore, Lazaero will widely expand its potential use by moving it to different locations to get a more targeted measurement of air pollution. A more precise measurement of air contamination will help industry, authorities and research institutions implement strategies to improve air quality and avoid multi-million-euro fines from the EC, 71,000 deaths, €52 billion in medical costs in the EU. With our immediate launch into air quality monitoring network for polluting industries and universities in Europe and then expanding into public monitoring networks and into U.S. and Asia at later stage will make Miro a leader in air monitoring field. Investment by the EC will help us to decrease our prices as we scale up production to reduce our average unit price from €94.000 to just €50.000 by 2023 and reach break-even during year two on the market (2023). We estimate that the ROI after three years will be 4.46 with an accumulative profit of €7.59M.

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