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Bio Ring Diagnostics

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - Bio Ring Diagnostics (Bio Ring Diagnostics)

Okres sprawozdawczy: 2019-06-01 do 2019-11-30

Delta Diagnostics develops biosensors based on integrated optical chips for various applications in life-science research and point-of-care diagnostics. There is a growing need for affordable label-free biosensing instruments for research, as well as novel sensitive and highly-multiplexed point-of-care diagnostic tests. We aim to make sensitive, multiplexed, label-free biosensing accessible to all. During the SMEi phase 1 project, the feasibility of our business idea was determined by reaching the following objectives:
• Objective 1: Market analysis and business plan
• Objective 2: Description of technical concepts/ design of principal technology platform and architecture for the MVP.
• Objective 3: Partner search
• Objective 4: Commercial and legal strategy
We have performed a thorough market analysis and had a large number of meetings with potential customers, suppliers and other stakeholders. We drafted a business plan for the development and marketing of our first and subsequent products. Research on the technical feasibility was performed, leading to a highly innovative instrument architecture and a functioning prototype. The economic feasibility was confirmed, a.o. via a bill-of material analysis and development of a pricing strategy.
Conclusions of the SMEi feasibility study:
- There is an unmet need for label-free detection technology for point of care diagnostics. Current label-free technology is not suitable for use outside the lab.
- The fact that with our technology we can make a smooth transition from lab-developed assay to point-of-care test is highly valued by many potential customers.
- The developed strategy is commercially viable.
- Technical viability has been proven through the realization of a prototype, based in a novel instrument architecture.
- The results of the SMEi feasibility study have helped Delta Diagnostics to secure funding for a validation project in which the technology will be internally and externally validated.
- As result of the positive outcome of the SMEi feasibility study, we intent to apply for SMEi phase 2 funding to advance from prototype to final product.