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An alternative to antibiotics in porcine semen doses


"ECOEXTENDER solution will be a dose without any trace of antibiotic with what we would be within the ""antibiotic free"" trend from the first step of the porcine production, the insemination. Our company, Semen Cardona is devoted to the production and commercialization of multi-genetic porcine semen doses, with more than 25 years of experience in seminal doses production. Moreover, it was the first approved centre of artificial insemination in all Spain authorised for intercommunity commerce and exportation of its products to third countries. Semen Cardona works on the inhibition of any bacteria through antibiotic-free diluents with the help of natural peptides. This is in line what is undoubtedly the future of the livestock sector with: produce without antibiotics in any of the points of the value chain. Semen Cardona believes that, however difficult, this condition begins in the first gear: artificial insemination. This system will undoubtedly be an added value for the future production of seminal doses. Currently, in Spain the reference market represents a use of 1,540,000 liters of diluent per year, approximately € 2,310,000 per year, in Europe the reference market amounts to 8,470,000 liters per year, approximately € 12,705,000 per year. First we will target the Spanish market and international countries in which we already have presence and in a second phase will be selling to European markets of interest, especially Germany, France and Denmark. In international countries with their own centers we will use direct sales and distribution through local partners. In European countries without own centers we will sell via distributor representatives of products of the sector in close collaboration of genetics houses of boars originating from each country."

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Calle Segalers, Semencardona S/n
08261 Cardona Barcelona

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