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Osteoarthritis patient cohorts in the dish - personalised cellular drug development tools for osteoarthritis precision medicine


Osteoarthritis is the fastest growing cause of disability worldwide. Still, there is currently no drug available that targets the underlying pathophysiology of osteoarthritis. Clinical trials testing disease-modifying drug candidates consistently fail. This is because osteoarthritis is a complex disease and currently used drug development tools completely disregard patient variability. Consequently, such non-personalised drugs fail to reach high enough response rates in highly variable osteoarthritis patient populations. O-POINTED is the first tool to enable pharma and biotech companies to personalise the osteoarthritis drug development process. O-POINTED is a cellular test system based on personalised and expandable cell lines generated from a cohort of more than 50 osteoarthritis patients. It represents osteoarthritis patient variability including all the main disease phenotypes (bone-, cartilage-, synovium-driven). Compared to conventional test systems, it is easier to use and more relevant, with the unique benefit of representing osteoarthritis patient variability. The combined O-POINTED business model includes a double one-off revenue (product plus consumables) and recurring revenue (milestone-based payments). We estimate that O-POINTED will create €2.9 million revenue and 15 new jobs, 3 years after commercial launch. We have a key customer already testing a minimal viable product of O-POINTED and seek Phase 1 support to evaluate the feasibility of scaling up to a European and Global dimension.

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