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Books of the Medieval Parish Church


Books of the Medieval Parish Church: Elucidating Parish Book Culture in Medieval Sweden by Analysis of the Collections of Recycled Manuscript Fragments

Autorzy: Emilia Henderson-Roche, Jaakko Tahkokallio
Opublikowane w: Manuscript Studies, Numer 8, 2023, Strona(/y) 103-110, ISSN 2381-5329
Wydawca: University of Pennsylvania Press
DOI: 10.1353/mns.2023.0004

Fragments Re-Connected. Identifications of leaves stemming from the same twelfth-century or early thirteenth-century missals now divided between the collections of the National Library of Finland and the National Archives of Sweden

Autorzy: Jaakko Tahkokallio
Opublikowane w: Mirator, Numer 23 (2023), 2023, Strona(/y) 1–29, ISSN 1457-2362
Wydawca: Glossa, the Society for Medieval Studies in Finland
DOI: 10.54334/mirator.v23i1.125301

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