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European Core Technologies for future connectivity systems and components

Periodic Reporting for period 2 - COREnect (European Core Technologies for future connectivity systems and components)

Okres sprawozdawczy: 2021-07-01 do 2022-06-30

COREnect (European Core Technologies for future connectivity systems and components) was a 2-year Coordination and Support Action project selected by the European Commission (EC) in the frame of the Horizon 2020 Research & Innovation programme, starting from 1st July 2020. In COREnect, European industry and R&D leaders from both the microelectronics and telecommunications sectors have jointly developed a high-level strategic roadmap of core technologies for future connectivity systems and components, targeting 6G, the next generation telecommunications networks and services. During its 2 year project operation time, it has significantly impact European research and innovation (R&I) and the industry landscape of future connectivity systems, strengthening Europe’s position in the global digital scene.
Objectives of COREnect were to:
• bring European major players in microelectronics and telecommunications together, developing a strategic roadmap of core technologies for future connectivity systems, decreasing European dependence on other continents and building technological sovereignty in 5G and beyond 5G.
• establish a connection and collaboration between the Smart Networks and Services (SNS) community and the Key Digital Technologies (KDT) community at the strategic research & innovation agenda level;
• promote COREnect results to stakeholders in both private and public sectors and create the condition for one or more European champion(s) in the domain of core technology for attaining technology sovereignty in future connectivity systems.
In particular, with the participations of 100+ technical experts from COREnect partners and other 40+ organisations across Europe, the developed COREnect industry roadmap provides in-depth business and technical analysis and recommends concrete strategic actions for Europe to act and regain its R&I capability on designing connectivity chips and to develop a thriving ecosystem. More information at:
Stemming from a top-down approach, COREnect consortium has been actively working on developing strategy and vision that will help diversify and reduce European dependence on other continents when building up future connectivity systems. Three expert groups (EG)s were established with close to 100 contributing experts to collaborate and work on the COREnect cross-industry roadmap:
• EG1 Compute & Store, which focuses on CPU, operating system, system architecture, etc.;
• EG2 Connect & Communicate, which focuses on Modem, Transceivers, Antennas, Packaging, Converters, Technologies, Industrial and consumer grade connectivity, etc.;
• EG3 Sense & Power that deals with Core Process Technologies, System & Component Architectures, Power Management, Accelerators, User interface, etc.
To best engage the SNS and ECS communities, COREnect actively promoted its outcomes to stakeholders in both private and public sectors through press releases, deliverables, workshops and social media through communication channels of 5G IA, AENEAS and other project partners.
All planned deliverables during the 2 year project duration were submitted to the EC and published at COREnect website.
COREnect targets to devise the cross-domain industry common vision and joint roadmap on core technologies for future connectivity systems. Such activities have been carried out by major industry and academia players as well as industry associations in both connectivity and microelectronics domains. This approach is further complemented with the perspective of the vertical industry to ensure the wide scope of impacts on European economy and society, enabled by future connectivity.
The second-year results developed by COREnect was provided to the EC as important inputs and insights for strengthening supply chain and sustaining leadership in the race towards 6G. With the publish of COREnect white paper and roadmaps, the project significantly raised awareness among various actors in the value chain and provided insightful contributions to the strategic planning of those actors. More information at
In particular, a major milestone was reached through the announcement, on June 7th, 2022, of the signature of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the 6G-IA and AENEAS. This MoU demonstrates both associations’ ambition to build on their relationship established within COREnect and further strengthen the synergies between the private side of the European ICT sector and the ECS ecosystem. More information at