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Spatially resolved acoustic, mechanical and ultrasonic sensing for smart batteries


Specifications for data prepocessing

The sensoric data differ signifianctly in terms of format data type time domainsfrequencies and physical properties In order to enable the CMSBMS to work with the data all data have to be preprocessed in order to comply to a common standard In this deliverable all data preprocessing is defined and aligned to all kind of the sensor types

LCA methodoligical framework

In order to prepare the work in WP 6 the methodolical framework to be used to investigate life cycle aspects recyclability rsecond use and impact on environmental parameters such as CO2 is fixed and clarified

Project handbook

A project handbook is edited that is used as a guideline for Spartacus partners for interaction decision standardization contact persons etc The deliverable will be the project handbook with introductional comments explaining which important aspects were considered and if not why

Test definition

The deliverable test definition is setting up the ageing experiments and the comaprison to reference cells with defined charging decharging profiles Especially for longterm measurements this work as to be well prepared for WP7

Sensor specification including consideration about energy consumption

This deliverable compiles all sensor specification important for the SPARTACUS objectives namely sensitivity resolution contstraints in terms of porcessing and assemby and details about data output

Impact assessment methodology

This report describes the methodology to provide a concept to increase the impact of Spartacus on the community battery community consumer and academic commuity

Specification for CMS /BMS

The operational guidelines to define input parameters to work with algorithms to process the input variables and the generation of output parameters in terms of charging profiles will be defined in this deliverable This guideline is to be used to define the work in WP5 in more detail

Project website and social network account

A webpage is setup that contains all relevant information about the Spartacus project and provides possibilities to interact with the consortium Similarly social network accounts are created

>3 smart battery cells V1 & report

This deliverable is the setup of at least 3 smart battery cells in one package This cell package will show the challenges that will be appearant when large cell packages are manufactured at a higher level in the project This cell setup is called V1

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