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Zawartość zarchiwizowana w dniu 2024-05-07

Patient's autonomy and privacy in nursing interventions



- To describe and analyse patients' autonomy and privacy as it applies to nursing interventions in European hospital organisations.
- To identify the problems in patients' autonomy and privacy.
- To develop teaching programmes for nursing education in the area of nursing ethics.

Basic theoretical assumption for the project is: patients in health care organisations are autonomous persons, whose privacy should be protected and who should consent with the nursing interventions to be done.


The project is organised in two phases. First, a literature review and concept analysis about the concepts of autonomy, privacy and informed consent will be done. Based on the analysis, a questionnaire will be developed. The first version of the questionnaire will be formulated by the co-ordinator and will then be developed, translated and piloted by the associated partners. In the second phase the questionnaire will be used in the empirical data collection in each of the collaborating countries.

The sample of the empirical part of the project consist of patients and nurses. In the patient sample (N= 3000-4500), there are mothers having their babies in the postnatal wards, surgical patients and dependent elderly patients in long-term care. In the nurse data, there are nurses and midwifes from corresponding wards in University and general hospitals.

Nursing interventions to be studied are feeding (including breast feeding in postnatal wards), elimination, medication and body hygiene. Analysis of the data will be statistical.

The deliverables of the project are mainly contract ones. There will be two main international and national reports, first based on the literature review and second based on the empirical data. Also a teaching programme for nursing education will be formulated and during the project one doctoral course for nursing students will be arranged.


Health care ethics, Nursing interventions, Autonomy, Privacy, Informed consent

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