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This research project will investigate new multilayer coatings by an iterative process of complete metallurgical understanding of the coatings under development, erosion testing of the deposited coatings and erosion modelling based on theory and test data generated during the project. The 'best' coatings developed (and the predictive nature of the computer model) will be tested in the later phases of the project by investigating the erosion behaviour of compressor components in 'real' engine conditions.
Research has been carried out to develop advanced erosion resistant coatings for use in aero gas turbines with a view to protecting titanium alloys from severe corrosion.

The investigation of titanium nitride multilayers is now complete and has demonstrated that:
titanium nitride/titanium hard/soft multilayers give improved protection against large particle impact;
titanium nitride/hafnium nitride hard/hard multilayers behave as monolayers and do not reveal this improvement.

Preliminary results from the computer model have shown that there is good correlation between erosion rig testing and the predictions of the model.

Although the main anticipated usage of the advanced erosion resistant coatings is in the aerospace sector, other applications exist within the broad categories of corrosion protection, super hard materials, cutting tool and bearing materials, and in the prevention of wear in pumps and other components subjected to waterborne slurry erosion. Opportunities also exist to extend the modelling and characterization studies into many of these application areas.
Erosion of titanium alloy compressor components has been identified as a life/performance limiting factor in gas turbine engines operating in dusty/sandy environments. It has been shown that some 'hard' materials are potentially very erosion resistant but not sufficiently so to enable them to be used as thin coatings in gas turbine compressors where particle impact energies are extremely high; there are indications that such materials in multilayer combinations can more readily approach satisfactory erosion resistance in these conditions.


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