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Two prototype modules were developed, one to Southern European Standards by Dragados y Construcciones (DYC), and the other to meet Northern European requirements by R B Farquhar (RBF).

The DYC prototype was a heavier construction that the RBF module and consisted of an external prefabricated concrete window wall, a concrete floor and strong steel frame. The design of the module required horizontal forces to be resisted by stiff structural elements incorporated within the modular building.

In both prototypes, interconnection of modules is achieved by means of patented iron or steel node connectors.

Both the RBF and DYC modules are capable of being stacked to at least 6-storeys, and are appropriate for use in a range of markets and use applications. Each of the modular form utilise specially developed structural and services connectors. The factory assembled RBF module was carried out to a higher degree of accuracy than originally expected of a prototype.

The project Partners believe that with a well structured production methodology, incorporating detailed planning of fittings and furniture and the use of standard production equipment, the application of good quality assurance procedures and stringent control of subcontractors, it should be possible to achieve a completion rate of the RBF prototype of seven modules a day.

Based on a minimum factory turnover of 1650 modules per annum, the saving on "traditional approaches" can be as much as 50% from RBF based on their current volumetric monocoque modular approaches of the prototype.

Comparisons made with a building of traditional construction showed that savings in excess of 10% could be made for a 6-storey 130 bedroom hotel.


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