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Design and Life Optimisation of Fired Heater Tubes for Enhanced Process Performance


European process industries running plant that utilises fired heater tubes generally operate in a highly competitive world market. An important factor affecting their competitiveness arises from the fact that the tubes operate in aggressive environments under complex loading and heating cycles which means that up to now it has not been possible to develop procedures for accurate tube life assessment and design. The overall aim of the work is to improve the efficiency of processes utilising fired heater tubes through the development of systems for accurate lifing of tubes and of a life optimiser enabling simultaneous optimisation of tube life and process performance. The project will focus on three different industrial applications, namely catalytic reforming, steam reforming and ethylene production and will be based on the development of models for predicting tube life. The potential economic benefit in terms of increased sales and reduced production costs is estimated as 500 MECU within the five year period after project completion.

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