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Zawartość zarchiwizowana w dniu 2024-04-30

Fussy logics based control system for the overall production process of ceramic parts


The proposed research project will be a CRAFT project, directed to the Ceremic bricks and tiles sector. The industrial objective of the proposed research is: - to increase the flexibility and adapatation capacity of the production process for the production of different product types; - to obtain an optimal reduction of energy consumption for production batches; - to enhance production capacity maintaining high product quality; at Manufacturers of Ceramic Tiles and Bricks. The project will develop, install and test at the site of the ceramic brick and tiles manufacturers, a prototype Control System based on fussy logics, controlling the whole ceramic parts production process, from the preparation of the clay, the drying and the baking (Kiln). The RTD goal is to develop a control system of the overall production process of ceramic bricks and tiles: - based on fussy logics, which aliows for more flexibility and more precise adaptation and modification of parameters; - measuring and integrating the values of the variables of the three different production operations; - using the parameters of the product for regulation of temperature, humidity and pressure; The research and development will consist of three main steps: 1 .The development of tools to determine the air parameters/curves necessary to obtain the given (fixed) product parameters/curves 2 The development of the Fussy Logics based control systems for each of the sub-systems 3 Development of the Global (overall) Control system The prime proposer of the project is BERALMAR a Spanish SME manufacturing production equipment for ceramic bricks and tiles manufacturers. Furthermore the project consortium will consist of 4 to 6 ceramic brick andd tiles manufacturers and 2 RTD performers.

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