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Development of a new generation of work clothing: establishment of a design tool to test clothing for extreme work environment


The aim of this project is to develop a design tool that allow the development of high quality workclothes in a timely and cost-efficient manner and thereby raise the standard of the European textile industry to an equal level to that of its main competitors. It is intended to establish a realistic workbench for the development, testing and evaluation of work clothing (a design tool) and thereby a platform to measure and compare different prototypes with regard to the protection they shall provide. This will be done by identifying and developing representative tests for protection against various of exposures by which industrial or public workers are frequently confronted. The project will take as a starting point a working environment in the offshore industry (oil and fishery), where cold and foul weather as well as the threat of heat and fire or prolonged cold-water immersion are common. The design tool will allow shorter development times at lower cost than today, because the physiological performance of work wear will be related back to the physical properties of materials and designs in such a way as to allow a transfer of knowledge and experience to other hazardous work environments. Companies using this design tool will be able to reduce the time to market significantly for new, higher performance work-wear, giving them a clear competitive edge. Another benefit will be a higher level of protection for a larger number of workers at lower cost. The core group of SME proposers expects the results to extend its understanding of the influence of various fibre materials, yarn and weaving constructions and finishes, and textile combinations on wearing behavior and physical properties. This knowledge will be carried over to other projects resulting in greater ability to offer high-performance products to demanding markets and to stay at the forefront of further development and production of clothes for this market.

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