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Manufacturing of metal matrix composites components


Metal matrix composites (MMC) are focused to be useful materials complying with a demand for the lightweight in aircraft, automotive and railroad industries. New technology could allow to manufacture many types of new composites. Any two materials could, in principle, be combined to make a composite, and they might be mixed in many different ways. The motive for making a composite is to create a material with a profile of properties not offered by any monolithic material. Optimal design of a component demands a certain property profile. The best material for the job is the one with the property-profile which most closely matches that defined by the design. In lightweight design its that which gives stiffness or strength at minimum weight. To increase the field of application of these materials, it is necessary to develop new manufacturing processes and joining methods. Therefore it requires a new welding equipment and a new welding procedure to join these materials together. Also new surface treatment technique should be developed to achieve the goals of different applications. With these manufacturing methods new lightweight vehicle components can be produced and therefore further weight reductions are possible.

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