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Development and optimisation of processing technologies for the production of dustless, grainy biomass granulated material


With the law on Natural Cycles and Waste Disposal (KrW /AbfG) coming into effect. increasing amounts of biowaste and industnal t`ertilisation composts, summer pruning from landscape management and individual households and other biowaste will accumulate. Within the EU, composts as a part of waste management have enormously gained in importance. For I million inhabitants, a quantity of about 70,000 t of compost can be exspected. Both biowaste composts and industrial fertilisation composts contain nutrients which originate from and should be returned to ecological cycles. The materials are suited to substitute synthtically and chemically produced nutrients in horticultural and agricultural production processes. To be in a position to supply user friendly, nutrient rich products on the basis of these raw materials, an optimal technical processing into flowable, dust free, direct produced and well closable granules has to be ensured. On the basis of the implemented exploratory phase Developement and Optimisation of Process ing Technologies for the Production of dustless, grainy Biomass granulated Material (Step b, the scientific and technological objective of the project can be described as follows: Developement of an optimal processing technology with regard to the selection of suitable tools and their coatings in order to produce a market and/or user friendly granule from different mixtures of organic and inorganic compounds while avoiding thermal strain on the product which would result ina loss of value giving contents. The summary of results in a guide could provide potential users with information about the suitable processing technology, throughput performance, tools to be used, their coating, tool life and possible pressing aids. Within the exploratory phase, three new European partners have been identified. this ensures the concentration of EU wide know how and the successful exploitation of the opportunities of international competition in the medium an long run. the SME key group consists of 1 producer of organic fertilizers (Germany), 1 company offering raw matenal (France), 1 builder of special machines (Italy), 1 tool producer and 1 company offering tools ens spare parts. These companies are the optimal solution given that the consortium represents the whole production chain for the production of organic fertilizer granules here especially in the fertilizer sector and thus has the required know how for realising the opportunities and the development of the desired technology. Based on the exploratory phase (Step 1), an up dateof the actual situation including a problem analysis will be implemented with the participation of all partners. Subsequently, both the raw materials and their mixtures will be analysed and tested with regard to their pressing capacity. After determination of the relevant parameters, tools will be designed an built. Following the evaluation of subsequently conducted tests, the tools and / or the granulation system will be optimised on the basis of test results. The produced granules will then be tested with regard to the required profile for the elaborated in Step 1. The result of the Step II phase will be a practical guide which, on the one hand, offers producers of organic biomass granules assistance for the determination and construction of their own production technolog; but, on the other hand, will also inform developers and producers of processing technologies and tools about requirement for theier special fields of application. Users of the technology will be in a position to determine required facts regarding the selection of tools, their coating, achievable throughput performances as well as tool lives and to transfer them to their special problems. High costs for the conception an preliminary tests could be saved. As a result it will be possible to produce dust free, flowable granules made of biomass mixtures while avoiding a harmful thermal impact.

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