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High pressure long length hoses


PipeFlex is a new high-pressure/high-temperature flexible pipe design which will ultimately: . Resist temperatures up to 200øC (currently limited to 130øC for short periods) . Reduce the weight of most existing products by 50% . Offer much greater flexibility . Operate in greater water depths than existing products (>1000m) . Be cheaper than existing flexible pipelines (<90%) . Eliminate corrosion in topsides applications . Introduce safety factors into temperature resistance of flexible pipes In order to justify development and subsequent manufacture of the above, it must be possible to identify: . Suitability of the selected plastic materials . A rubber material which will not degrade under long term exposure to 200øC and which will not blister under the effects of explosive decompression - A yarn which will not degrade under long term exposure to 200øC . A suitable (gas resistant) bonding agent for the selected plastic and rubber materials The EU funding will allow PipeFlex will build a manufacturing plant somewhere in Europe (UK, Germany or Norway) to manufacture the product. It will therefore offer jobs to the community from both direct and indirect employment. It will also be more reliable and safer to use than existing products. Finally, the ultimate product will be a next generation flexible pipe, which will be very difficult for exiting manufacturers to match.

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