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Zawartość zarchiwizowana w dniu 2024-05-07

Technology and environmental policy


The overall objective of the project is to offer a study of the implementation of four EU/national environmental policies and a detailed study of the technological impacts of the policies.

Most studies on EU implementation of environment-related directives focus on the transposition of the directives in national laws; they do not examine the actual application and enforcement of the policies; nor do these studies examine the technological impact of the policies, and whether the adopted measures constitute the best response to the problem at hand.
As a result we know little about the factors that influence
policy implementation and the (technology) effects of the policies, and how such effects are related to policy implementation. This study aims to revise this important gap in our knowledge. The aim of the study is to increase our knowledge about policy implementation and outcomes and to offer guidelines on how regulatory regimes may be better exploited by promoting efficient and innovative responses to environmental problems.

Specifically the project will analyse

- what factors account for the differences in implementation of environmental regulations/directives; and why these factors exert an influence;

- whether the environmental policies in the way they have been implemented favoured certain solutions, deliberately or indeliberately;
- whether the adopted environmental technologies constituted the best response, both from an economic and environmental (cross-media) point of view;
- whether the policies failed to promote innovative technological responses wit longer term benefits;

- how implementation can be improved so that policy output affords better environmental protection at lower costs by promoting efficient and innovative responses to environmental problems.

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