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Climate change, sea level rise and assocciated impacts in Europe


The project aims to investigate past and future sea level changes and to assess the impacts of such changes as a basis for identifying the environmental hazards involved for Europe. It will aim at:
a) Investigation of climate and sea level changes on a century time;
b) The geological record and coastal processes;
c) Tides, surges and mean sea level;
d) Impacts of sea level change in Europe.

The objectives will be achieved through:
i) Field work, including survey of coastal profiles, boreholes and local geomorphological studies, checking of benchmarks where appropriate;
ii) Laboratory analysis of field samples;
iii) Study of historical records and computer analysis of data obtained;
iv) Statistical analysis of mean sea level, tidal and other relevant data;
v) Analysis of meteorological and climatic parameters affecting mean sea level, using both direct measurement and remote sensing;
vi) Modelling of trends and patterns of change and variation in mean sea level, tides and storm surges;
vii) Study of documentation relating to planning and policy studies in areas threatened by the sea level changes.


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