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Zawartość zarchiwizowana w dniu 2024-04-19

Palaeoenvironmental analysis of Italian crater lake sediments


To reconstruct climate conditions over the last 20,000 year from proxy
records present in maar lake sediments from Central Italy and in the nearby
marine sediments of the Adriatic. To use these reconstructions, alongside
evidence for biogeochemical and palaeoecological changes in the maar lakes
and their drainage basins, to characterize the nature, rate and amplitude
of ecosystem response to climatic change.

Piston-cores of sediment from lakes Bolsena, Albano and Nemi and from the
Adriatic will be subsampled and analysed for the stable isotope ratios in
authigenic carbonates and ostracod tests, trace metal content in the
ostracod tests, carotenoid and chlorophyll pigment content, nutrient and
other elements, diatom, chironomid, cladoceran, foraminifera and pollen
content. Sediment mineralogy, granulometry, rock magnetic properties and
Gallium: Aluminium ratios will also be studied. These methods will be used
to reconstruct past climatic conditions (seasonality, temperature,
precipitation, hydrology and wind) on annual to decadal and century levels
of temporal resolution, depending on the evidence for rapid change during
each period. Chronology and core correlation will be provided by AMS
palaeomagnetic and rock-magnetic measurements, varve counting, tephra
analysis and 210Pb dating.

The results obtained will be treated using statistical and time series
analysis. Their implications for climate modelling in this transitional
area between high latitude and North African climates will also be

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